Get More For Your Money


A Certificate of Deposit (CD) is a type of savings account. You choose from available options, the length of time you would like to keep your money on deposit at AAC. In return, we pay you a higher interest rate. You may open a Traditional CD for as little as $500, with 6 to 24 month options. (See Let it Grow for lower minimum.) When your CD reaches the maturity date, you may choose to reinvest in another CD, or take your deposit plus interest earned.

  • Earn higher dividends on your money
  • Ideal for long term savings
  • Low risk savings
  • Funds are NCUA insured to $250,000
  • Easy to open, easy to manage


Never miss the next best thing with a Bump CD.  If rates go up during the term of your CD you can opt for a one-time bump to the new higher rate. Available in 21 and 30 month terms.  $500 minimum to get started.

  • One bump allowed per term
  • Get a great rate today...and later!
  • Easy to Bump - DIY online or call us if rates go up
  • See CD rates


Unlike a Traditional CD, when you open Let it Grow you can add money to the CD anytime. You can start with as little as $25 making this a perfect option for first time savers. You’ll still earn a competitive interest rate and Let It Grow features a 12 month term.

  • Created for the member who wants to start saving
  • Be rewarded with a higher return when compared to Basic Savings
  • Add a little or a lot, when you want
  • Choose direct deposit and watch your balance grow faster


Do you maintain a savings balance of $2,000 or more per month? It might be time to switch to a Money Market. Here you will earn more interest, while enjoying access to your money in the event of a rainy day. Don’t let the name fool you. A Money Market is not an investment in the stock market; it is an NCUA insured savings account.

  • Get flexibility with six allowed withdrawals per month
  • No long term commitment
  • Easy to open, easy to manage
  • As your balance goes up, so will your rate of return
  • NCUA insured up to $250,000
  • Convenient ATM access
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