Money Orders

Money Orders are offered at all AAC branches and can be purchased with cash or debited from your savings or checking account.

  • Only $1 per money order
  • Can be made out for up to $1,000.00
  • Made payable to the party of your choice

Cashier's Checks

Need to pay a large bill, make a large purchase, or repay a friend or family member? Cashier’s Checks are available at any AAC branch.

Notary Public

  • If you need your identity verified and your signature witnessed, we can help. AAC offers Notary Services at all locations. Contact us to make an appointment.
  • Free to members
  • Available to non-members for a small $5.00 fee
  • Unsigned paperwork and valid ID required


We bring the post office to you. Standard postage stamps, purchased by the book, are available at all AAC locations

Dum Dums and Dog Treats

You should feel special when you come to the credit union. Walk out with your favorite flavor of Dum Dum lollipop. It hits the spot every time! You can even get a special treat for your furry friend!

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