Personalized Savings Just For You

At AAC, we understand that saving money and budgeting isn't always the easiest thing to do. Whether it is bills, a family vacation, or simply saving for a rainy day, we can help you reach your financial goals - introducing Personal Investment Envelopes (PIE).

Use PIE to create online envelopes (sub-accounts).  Determine how much you need from each paycheck to go into your envelopes to be ready for bills or to save toward your goals.  Use direct deposit to simplify the process.

PIE is ‘set it and forget it’ budgeting at its best.

  • Create up to 10 online Envelopes
  • Name the envelopes after your bills or savings goals (Groceries, Rent, Electric, Daycare, Vacation – you name it, literally.)
  • Set your direct deposit to put a specified amount into each envelope per paycheck
  • When bills come due you’ll be ready 
  • Transfer money from envelope to AAC savings/checking when needed

How to get started

Log into It's Me 247 online banking. From the rate board under New Accounts, select Special Shares.  Click "Open Now' and follow instructions.  Here is where you will set up and label your envelopes (sub-shares). 

Then, visit ACH Transactions under the Member Services tab to set up how much you want to go to each envelope from your direct deposit. 

That's it. The next time you get paid money will automatically go into each envelope taking you one step closer to better budgeting.

Not Tech Savvy?

You can always set up PIE at any branch, or call us at 800-858-1633.

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